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Crochet Wool Eater Blanket Idea + Video Tutorial

Crochet Wool Eater Blanket Idea
Photo by jkrochet  Flickr

Hi Crochet Lovers! Here is a video tutorial for today’s featured stitch, which is the Wool Eater Stitch or Bavarian Stitch which can easily be turned into a beautiful baby blanket or afghan. Below you can find easy video tutorial from How to Crochet with The Crochet Crowd YouTube Channel. More crochet ideas you can find in Crochet Addict Facebook Group

More about Wool Eater Blanket project :

Skill Level: EasyIntermediate,

Designed by: Sarah London

Pattern price: Free – This pattern is available for free

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  1. Heloisa Heloisa

    I would like to have the bavarian pattern

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